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Autonomous system warning light “COMP-SIGNAL-2”

About product

Autonomous system warning light “Comp SIGNAL 2”, works on solar batteries, installed on road signs and is designed to attract drivers’ attention to the object of increased danger (for example, indicates the presence of pedestrians on a pedestrian crossing) in the dark.

The operating principle of “comp-Signal 2” is as follows: during daylight electrical energy by the solar battery is stored in the battery, which upon the occurrence of night time automatically starts to supply power to the LEDs, capable to Morgan mode to work without a new “solar” recharging within a few days.

Developed by our company signs solar powered, thanks to robust design and original, economical scheme, run smoothly and efficiently: resulting in one light-day battery charge is sufficient for a sign of continuous battery life for 3-4 days without recharging. Fully automated closed system ensures maximum duration of the operation.

Road sign, developed by our company is reliable, durable and require no additional maintenance. A unique manufacturing technology, “computer – Signal 2” allows you to charge the battery even in the absence of direct sunlight, which ensures trouble-free operation in the autumn and winter months, which is relevant for many Russian regions.

Simplicity and ease of installation, ease of use, compatibility with all types of signs and vandal-proof construction is already doing “COMP-2 signal” a unique and optimal solution designed to improve road safety and reduce the number of traffic accidents involving pedestrians

Benefits of developing an autonomous light illumination system:

  • Possibility of round the clock work
  • It does not require a network connection
  • Battery life up to 5 days
  • absolute tightness
  • Charging in cloudy weather
  • Automatic inclusion in the dark
  • The ease and speed of installation
  • Shock-resistant anti-vandal design
  • Installation on a previously established signs


TU 5210-008-62132574-2012 city

Temperature range: -45S; + 45C

Visibility: 800 meters

Service life: 5 years


Price:33 500 RUB