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Autonomous System LED lighting of pedestrian crossings

About product

The system of independent LED lighting pedestrian crossings is an innovative development of the Russian experts, embodying the most advanced solutions in the field of alternative energy, automation, optics, electronics and road safety.

An autonomous system is calculated and programmed on the basis of the solar radiation, and the 20-year statistics of weather conditions for a particular region Rossii.Sistema intended for identification and illumination of a pedestrian crossing.

The system includes:

1) Solar module taken along a micromorph coating technology ( “thin film” silicon-based). This technology allows you to convert light energy into electricity even on cloudy days and during the precipitation (rain, snow).
2) intelligent controller with the data storage and processing function.
3) LED lamps.
4) GSM-modem, which provides two-way communication with the control station.
5) Road lighting columns.
6) The unit batteries.

The main purpose of the autonomous system autonomous lighting of pedestrian crossings – lighting in areas where it is difficult and impossible to supply electric energy, as well as the replacement of traditional street lamps powered from the mains.

Indispensable for the lighting of roads outside settlements, public transport and pedestrian crossings outside settlements, remote sites where there is no electrical network. Does not require a connection to the power supply, permits to connect, installation of metering devices do not require cabling and work on a cart AC power. Fully autonomous, maintenance-free, does not consume electricity from the grid.


Power consumption from 19 W to 40W (depending on the modification).

The total luminous flux: 1440 lm and 4350lm

Power supply lamp, DC: 24

operating temperature range: -40 ° to + 50 ° C

Service life of not less than 50'000 hours

Degree of protection - IP66


  • Performing illumination standards pedestrian crossings roads "high" categories
  • Better legibility of pedestrians by providing vertical illuminance
  • Autonomy, flexible tuning modes
  • The possibility of remote monitoring system works


Price:395 000 RUB