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Autonomous switching indicator for the road signs “COMP-SIGNAL”

About product

The system runs on solar-powered, is mounted on traffic signs and is designed to draw attention to the drivers of high risk.

The operating principle of self-commutated pulse indicator “COMP-SIGNAL” is as follows: during the daylight hours, by means of solar batteries, electrical energy is stored in the battery, which upon the occurrence of night time automatically starts to supply power to the LEDs, able to work in Morgan’s time without a new ” solar “charging for a few days.

LED signs are much more effective than traditional, they are able to attract the driver’s attention even at a considerable distance, which allows road users to react in time and avoid dangerous situations. Road signs, developed by our company is reliable, durable and require no additional maintenance.

The economic benefits of using the “COMP-Signal” system increases significantly compared to standard LED signs through the use of the latest technological innovations in the production system. And the ease of “Comp” signal system installation on the already installed road signs gives customers the opportunity to save a significant portion of its funds to abandon the purchase of new “LED” signs.


  • Fully autonomous power supply.
  • Battery life - 96 hours.
  • Automatic inclusion in the dark.
  • Distance Alert from 300m.
  • Work in all weather conditions.
  • Easy installation.
  • Installation on the previously installed road signs.
  • Shock-resistant anti-vandal design.
  • The service life of more than 5 years.