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Autonomous light Solar T.7.A. “KOMPO”

About product

Traffic type T.7 LED flashing signal on the solar panel with built-in battery for 24 hours / day mode.

Autonomous traffic lights T.7.A. “COMPO” is working on the solar battery in a flashing mode. It is installed on the rack of road signs in the areas of pedestrian crossings in road work places, as well as other elements of the arrangement of roads, in areas requiring further draw attention of drivers to the object of increased danger in the dark.

The principle of operation of the LED traffic light transport T.7.A «Computer” (traffic light with a flashing signal) is as follows: during the daylight hours the electrical energy fed into the battery by means of solar panels, which upon the occurrence of night time automatically starts to supply power to the LEDs, capable of Morgan mode to work without a new “solar” charging for a few days.


  • Possibility of round the clock work
  • It does not require a network connection
  • Battery life up to 5 days
  • IP 54 degree of protection
  • Charging in cloudy weather
  • Automatic inclusion in the dark
  • The ease and speed of installation
  • Shock-proof design
  • Installation on the previously installed road signs.