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Arrow synchronized system “Cascade”

About product

“Cascade” is a complex system of synchronized between LED signs are 1.34 to be installed along the roadside to attract drivers’ attention to the dangerous bend zone.

Each “CASCADE” system direction – 9 LED modules by 1.2 W each. Thus, the total power of the LEDs in one sign will be 10.8 watts. blink may be any algorithm. For example: multiple concurrently running in arrow circuit (2, 3 through 4). The velocity of these arrows can also be adjusted.


Lifetime: 5 years

operation warranty period 1 year

power: 10.8 W

Size 1 section 700 x 865 mm

Weight: 15 kg


  • Robust rugged construction
  • Ability to select the operating mode
  • Ease of installation
  • Visibility 1500m


Price:17 000 RUB