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Organization system reverse traffic

About product

Organization system reverse traffic – set of elements for opening / closing lanes immediately before charging points for travel on the roads if necessary redirect traffic flows.

The system consists of several sections. In each section – two tires (single and double), and also “float” through which the steel cable stretched durable. Section interconnected carbines, forming the desired length of strip. The system of reverse traffic is secured by means of rifles to the stationary column and is moved by a winch.


STO 521000-015-2013;

Temperature range: -40 C to +40 C;

Visibility: at least 100 meters;

Section Length - 10 MP .;

Material: wire - stainless steel, tires and "float" - polyethylene;

Service life: 5 years.


  • Ease of installation and operation;
  • Mobility;
  • The strength and wear resistance;
  • Not subject to corrosion.


Price:On request.