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Damper road TAU

About product

Damping device TAU (buffers) are designed to prevent serious consequences of accidental collision of the vehicle with various engineering structures on roads. Damper road TAU provides the highest level of passive safety. Special energy absorption by the impact system mitigates its exposure to vehicle occupants.

Such systems are installed in front forks of the roadway in front of sharp angles and guardrails in places of separation of traffic in front of the supports of bridges and tunnels and other dangerous sections of road.

Road TAU buffers have been successfully tested in accordance with UNI EN 1317-3 standards. The entire line of barrier fencing TAU is CE marked. crash test results are certified, made in Inrets Road Equipment Test Laboratory (LIER), France.

Dampers road TAU have the most complete range on the market barriers to be placed on the ground or road junction in front of obstacles, designed for a variety of road conditions of use:

– TAU Parallel -60, -80, -100, -110

– TAU Medium -60, -80, -100, -110

– TAU Large -60 -80, -100

– TAU XLarge -60, -80, -100, -110

– TAU Tube Parallel -50, -80, -100, -110

Digital index denotes Categorization routes depending on the allowed speed vehicular traffic

TAU Parallel designed to be installed in a narrow and limited space on the roads (for example, in front of cash registers of charge on toll highways, interchanges on the parallel and sloping congresses).

TAU Medium, Large and XLarge – mainly due to broader forms used at congresses in low space, as well as where there is a possibility of side car collision with an obstacle or a traffic arrangement elements.

TAU Tube Parallel while maintaining all working properties has a shorter length. Designed to be installed in a narrow and limited space on the roads and in the tunnels due to the lack of plastic in the damper design.

TAU Buffers are made of galvanized steel. Depending on the model, as the energy-absorbing elements are used: plastic bags, cartridges or aluminum profiles. They can be used in any climatic conditions and have a 20-year warranty.


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