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20 June 2018

Since the opening of traffic on the Crimean bridge drove more than 500 thousand cars

Since the opening of traffic on the new road on the Crimean bridge traveled more than 508,000 vehicles in both directions, including about 4900 voyage and charter buses.

For 35 days (May 16 – June 19) the intensity of movement in the direction of Crimea has exceeded 274,000 vehicles in the direction of Taman – more than 233 thousand.

At the moment, it recorded only one day when the traffic in the direction of Krasnodar region exceeded Crimean Feed: June 12 (the last three of output) in the direction of Taman traveled more than 12,700 vehicles in Kerch – about 10 thousand. At the same time two days earlier, on June 10 MCC Crimean bridge Crimean recorded prevalence flow over the Krasnodar 1.5 times: while in the Crimea on the bridge drove more than 15 thousand cars, and left – just over 10 thousand.

The intensity of buses is more evenly distributed. In the first half of June the Crimean bridge crossing the approximately 140 buses every day (70 in the Crimea and the same amount for Taman). And since June 15, bus service intensified, exceeding 200 flights a day in both directions.

Road on the Crimean bridge – part of the federal highway A-290 km 141 – km 160. The hotel is located in the operational management of PKU Uprdor “Taman” Federal Road Agency. Route Category 1 B. Four lanes with a capacity of 40 thousand vehicles per day. The maximum permitted speed – 90 km / h. stop on the bridge is prohibited.