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26 June 2018

Since the beginning of the year in Moscow was put into operation more than 25 km of roads

Since the beginning of 2018 in Moscow, commissioned 25.7 km of roads, artificial 18 transport facilities and 12 crossings for pedestrians. On Tuesday, 26 June at a press conference said the head of the city construction department Andrey Bochkarev, informs the press service of the Department.

Among the key projects department head called the flyover through Warsaw highway on the street Marshal Savitsky, built on the reconstruction of the highway overpass reversal at the Ryazan Avenue, erected during the reconstruction of the avenue. Recall through overpass Varshavke Scherbinka opened to traffic in mid-March.

In total, by the end of the year in the capital plan to build about 95 kilometers of roads, 26 buildings and 15 off-street crossings for pedestrians. Among the priority road projects this year Bochkarev named sections of the North-West of the chord line “Solntsevo – prominent” Northeast chord.