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16 May 2018

Published an infographic about the opening of the Crimean bridge for different transport

on the Crimean Movement of cars and bus bridge will open in the second half of May this year, follows from the infographic published in the Monday, May 7, in the official accounts of the object in the social networks.

“On May Ninth my discovery was never planned, open in the second half of this month. Well, place your bets, what number? And stay tuned, of course), “- the name of Crimean Bridge is written in the official pablike VKontakte.

According to the infographic, the movement of cars and buses on the bridge in the Crimea will be opened in the second half of May 2018. The movement of trucks will start in October 2018, and passenger and freight trains – in December 2019. Pedestrian and bike lanes on the bridge are not provided.

It is also noted that the passage of the Crimean bridge will be free, and at first, given the large number of people willing to get in the Crimea can plug due to the early opening of the transfer and construction of long-distance approaches.

Transport passage through the Kerch Strait linking the Republic of Crimea and the Krasnodar region, its length will be 19 km. Initially the movement of road transport was planned to start in December 2018, but this spring was known about the early opening. Previously also reported that on the Crimean bridge in a test mode, including architectural highlighting road arches.