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5 June 2018

Prefabricated composite fences tested for Izhevsk roads

Prefabricated composite fencing “COMP-LINE” is tested on the roads of Russia. A pilot project was the city of Izhevsk (Udmurtia), where there was a presentation set of protections under the implementation of road safety programs under the auspices of the traffic police, according to the developers of the project site.

Fences made the Center for technical development specifically for the company “AIR Highway”.

“This new technical solutions aimed at helping drivers to properly assess the traffic situation and to share counter flows, – said the head of the supervisory activities of the main department of traffic police Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Oleg Ponarin. – Izhevsk became an innovator in this sense. This is the first city in Russia, in whose territory two weeks ago, road fence separating the counter flows was established. We hope that this know-how will allow the inexpensive relative financial means to solve the problems of departure into oncoming traffic. ”

He also noted that at present, these separators are part of the testing of their effectiveness. Their main task is to reduce the number of incidents of drivers moving into the oncoming lane, which will also reduce the number of possible accidents. Ponarin also explained that the boom of composite materials are not able to stop the car, but they serve as a visual barrier for the driver.

According to General Director of “AIR Highway” Cyril Sanaeva innovative fencing should attract drivers’ attention and create a 3D-feeling that you can not cross this line.

Prefabricated composite fencing “COMP-LINE” designed for rapid delineation of the territory, is a legkosbornuyu design, have an attractive appearance and long life. They are easy to store and transport, the product has a low cost, light weight, and prevent blinding headlights of oncoming vehicles.

The length of the plastic barrier – 300 m. The city authorities are considering the possibility to extend the barrier. Now the fence is installed as an experiment.

Innovation and Innovation Company “AIR Highway” works since 2009. The main activity – development and introduction of alternative engineering solutions for the needs of road and transport construction and road safety.

Center for technical development was founded in 2016 on the basis of a special group of “AIR GROUP” Company division.

MDG is involved in projects that require urgent engineering solutions, as well as in promising start-ups, as well as provides support for young Russian software developers in all scientific fields.

Source: https://plastinfo.ru/information/news/37985_4.6.2018/