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Industry news

26 June 2018

Since the beginning of the year in Moscow was put into operation more than 25 km of roads

Head of the Moscow Construction Department, spoke about the progress of road construction works in the capital.


5 June 2018

Prefabricated composite fences tested for Izhevsk roads

Prefabricated composite fencing “COMP-LINE” is tested on the roads of Russia. A pilot project was the city of Izhevsk (Udmurtia), where there was a presentation set of protections under the implementation of road safety programs under the auspices of the traffic police, according to the developers of the project site.


16 May 2018

Published an infographic about the opening of the Crimean bridge for different transport

on the Crimean Movement of cars and bus bridge will open in the second half of May this year, follows from the infographic published in the Monday, May 7, in the official accounts of the object in the social networks.