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29 June 2018


An experimental installation of directive safety devices manufactures by AIR Magistral from composite materials is under way in Moscow oblast. The project implementation is controlled by the State Traffic Inspectorate. The agency, together with the regional Ministry of Transport, has analyzed potentially hazardous automobile road sections.

As a result, a local reconstruction plan was developed, which included road expansion, increasing the number of lanes, building traffic islands, modification of traffic lights’ operation modes due to their coordination. The research also resulted in discovering that traffic congestion on the multi-lane segment of Volokolamskoye Highway near Rechnaya st. in Krasnogorsk emerges as a consequence of a large number of drivers changing lanes from right to left to turn around.

To eliminate the negative impact of merging flows and to create a safe environment for both drivers and passengers, the State Traffic Inspectorate employees offered to utilize a safety barrier made of composite materials. The solution was supported by the Moscow oblast Ministry of Transport and implemented this year in June.

It should be noted that COMPO-LINE directive safety devices made of composite materials have a number of advantages in comparison to common barriers: they have lower production costs, smaller size, they are easily detected by drivers, easy to install and maintain, and guarantee a longer lifespan.