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5 November 2018


On October 30, at the 223 km mark of M-7 Volga highway in Kameshkovskiy district of Vladimirskaya oblast, a large-scale winter highway emergency exercise for response teams took place.

The exercise was initiated by the Federal State Institution Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod Highway Administration. It involved professionals from the Highway Administration, contractor companies that maintain M-7 Federal highway, representatives from regional offices of the State Traffic Inspectorate, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Disaster Medicine Center, fire emergency and duty-dispatching services. Innovations for traffic safety by AIR Magistral were also presented.

During the exercise special attention was paid to equipping snow cleaning vehicles and deicers for winter highway maintenance and to managing traffic during road cleaning with multipurpose road maintenance vehicles and road works. Moreover, all responsible agencies elaborated an action plan for dealing with traffic accidents on the Federal highway in winter. The main goal of road workers and rescue teams was traffic accident damage control and prevention of congestion on the highway.

Supposedly, an out of control passenger car ran over a road barrier and fell of the bridge at the 223 km mark on M-7 Volga highway. A driver and a passenger became trapped inside the car with a fire risk present.

After this simulated traffic accident happened, it took no more than 26 minutes for the Highway Administration, contractors, rescue teams and dispatch operators to remove the injured, give first aid, transport them to a medical center by Mi-8 helicopter, eliminate the damage caused by the accident, and inform road users about traffic conditions.

Also during training another situation was rehearsed, whereby a simulated traffic accident blocked all traffic towards Vladimir on the access road 1 km from M-7 highway. It took about 16 minutes to eliminate the damage caused by the collision of a truck and a bus, provide medical care to the injured, dismount road barriers, set up a detour route, and restore normal traffic on the accident scene.

“Practicing joint operations with emergency response teams will enable us to provide timely assistance in case of accidents and at the same time keep traffic on one of the major transport routes in the country moving”, said Maksim Goldobin, Head of Federal State Institution Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod Highway Administration. “The exercise demonstrated a high level of inter-agency co-operation”.