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14 June 2018

Innovative guard “COMP-Line” established in Krasnogorsk

Krasnogorsk outside Znamenskaya installed 145 m of innovative prefabricated fencing “COMP-LINE” production “AIR Highway”.

Recall, the first pilot project was established in Izhevsk in May this year and caused a major stir. Innovative fences are designed to attract the attention of drivers and to create a 3D-feeling that this line can not cross the road.

Prefabricated composite fencing “COMP-LINE” designed for rapid delineation of the territory, is a legkosbornuyu design, have an attractive appearance and long life. They are easy to store and transport, the product has a low cost, light weight, and prevent blinding headlights of oncoming vehicles.

Fences made the Center for technical development specifically for the company “AIR Highway”.