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31 May 2018

In Izhevsk, presented innovative protection from “AIR Highway”

in the capital of Udmurtia was a presentation of pre-fabricated composite fencing “COMP-LINE” on May 30 from “AIR Highway” under the project “The reason for overtaking.”

All-Russian social campaign “The reason for the fast lane” is being implemented by the Russian Union of Insurers, the Russian Interior Ministry Inspectorate and a center of expertise “Movement without danger,” according to the second stage of the Russian president’s execution of instructions based on the results of the meeting of the State Council for Road Safety.

The round table and press conference “A comprehensive approach on road safety” timed to the All-Russian social campaign “The reason for the fast lane” in Izhevsk CEO “AIR Highway” Kirill S. Sanaev shared the successful experience of the company in the application of innovative road devices to improve safety on the roads, and answered reporters’ questions about the new pre-fabricated fence “cOMP-LINE”.

According to General Director of “AIR Highway” Cyril Sanaeva, the main task of the innovative enclosure is to draw attention of drivers and the creation of 3D-feeling that you can not cross this line. The length of the plastic barrier – 300 m. The city authorities are considering the possibility to extend the barrier. “Enclosure installed in an experiment.

– This new technical solutions aimed at helping drivers to properly assess the traffic situation and to share counter flows, – said at the meeting Head of the supervisory activities of the Main Directorate of traffic police Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Oleg Panarin. – Izhevsk became an innovator in this sense. This is the first city in Russia, in whose territory two weeks ago, the composite road fence separating the counter flows was established. We hope that this know-how will allow the inexpensive relative financial means to solve the problem of exit into the oncoming lane.

He also noted that at present, these separators are part of the testing of their effectiveness. Their main task is to reduce the number of incidents of drivers moving into the oncoming lane, which will also reduce the number of possible accidents. Ponarin also explained that the barrier plastic is not able to stop the car, but they serve as a visual barrier for the driver.

Prefabricated composite fencing “COMP-LINE” designed for rapid delineation of the territory, and is legkosbornuyu design, have an attractive appearance and long life.

– Time will tell how effective it is, but to separate oncoming traffic flows, to discourage unauthorized transfer is quite decent solution – said the Public Works and Transport Head of Izhevsk Artyom Bogdanov administration.

Development of design carried out on the basis of the Technical Development Center (part of the group of companies “AIR GROUP”)