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26 April 2018

General Director of “AIR Highway” brought in Sochi Russian innovations

These days in Sochi held 4th International Conference “Road safety and intelligent transport systems on the roads.” Organized by the Russian Association of territorial bodies of road management “RADOR”, the event is supported by the Russian Federation Ministry of Transport, the Federal Road Agency, the Government of the Krasnodar region, with the participation of representatives of the European Road Federation, the national road and transport administrations of foreign countries.

During the conference presentations were made by representatives of the department of state policy in the field of road infrastructure of the Ministry of Transport, the Federal Road Agency, GUOBDD Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and many others. Their experiences on road safety shared by representatives of the United States, Norway and Finland.

General Director of “AIR Highway” Sanaev Kirill also spoke on “The successful application of innovative technical solutions in the field of road safety in Russia.” In his speech, he spoke in detail about the company’s most popular designs, the use of which has already proved its effectiveness in the field of road safety.