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25 May 2018

Company AXIMUM and “AIR Highway” presented an intelligent road traffic management system

May 24th the company “AIR Highway”, together with its partners – the French company Aximum, held a round table on the topic “Intellectual road traffic management system.”

At the event were presented unique solutions in the field of sustainable transport systems. So, gathered familiarized with Symart control system: a scalable, configurable, modular software for managing traffic lights suitable for projects of any size and allows you to manage any dynamic equipment and modes of transportation in the city, from traffic lights to the weather station and trams.

The roundtable participants have studied features of the system ITS G5, which is effectively used in Bordeaux, and allows you to inform about the traffic situation in real time with the help of the automobile and the road infrastructure. In addition, companies Aximum and “AIR Highway” such developments were presented as a camera to recognize the occupants of the vehicle, dynamic traffic management on the lanes and dynamic LED lighting road marking.

Note that Aximum company is a longtime partner of “AIR Highway” and specializes in innovative solutions in road, transportation, construction and infrastructure industries.