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13 July 2018


The AIR Magistral company took part in a closing conference for a social project called “Reason for Overtaking”, which started in February this year.

The company founder Aleksey Kouchmin spoke at the conference. He told about successful implementation of AIR Magistral innovations – road reflectors and information displays – that have been saving drivers’ and pedestrians’ lives on Russian roads for the last 9 years.

Aleksey Kouchmin also spoke on efficiency of the unique comprehensive approach to equipping road work sites and zebra crossings that had been developed and implemented by AIR Magistral.

In his presentation he paid special attention to COMPLO-LINE directive devices, which are produced by AIR Magistral with composite materials. Their first test installation took place in the summer of 2018 in Izhevsk. Later on they were also installed in Moscow oblast.

“With the design of these unique quick-mounting directive devices, our aim was not to replace cable guardrails”, said Mr. Kouchmin. “It’s more of a visual barrier that provides drivers with a psychological aid to resist an impulse to cross into oncoming traffic lane”.

Head of the State Traffic Inspectorate Mikhail Chernikov noted that these innovative restrictive devices have already helped minimize the rate of fatalities after driving into oncoming traffic lanes.

“During the ‘Reason for Overtaking’ project, in some regions we implemented new less costly technologies. These devices are quick to install and have already shown their efficiency: the rate of fatalities after driving into oncoming lanes dropped to zero”, said Mr. Chernikov.

Head of the State Traffic Inspectorate also pointed out that every 10th traffic accident in Russia happens due to driving into oncoming lanes, while every fourth driver in our country dies due to misjudgment of the road conditions while making this maneuver.

Moscow Oblast Governor Andrey Vorobiev in his speech said that the rate of fatalities on roads of Moscow oblast decreased due to a wide usage of innovative products.

“Thanks to our mutual work, state-of-the-art technologies, and programs that we implement, we can state that in 2017 the number of fatalities decreased by 40%”, said Mr. Vorobiev.

“Reason for Overtaking” is an informational campaign held as part of the Russian President’s assignment to form a program of traffic violation prevention. The program is organized by the State Traffic inspectorate together with the Russian Association of Motor Insurers, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Education and Science, and is supported by a non-governmental organization Road Safety Russia.