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4 October 2018


The International Doroga (Road) 2018 trade show has come to an end in Kazan. The show takes place ahead of the Road Industry Day and is supported by the Russian Ministry of Transport and the Federal Road Agency. The show was hosted by Informavtodor, the Federal Road Agency Information Center.

The show participants discussed ways to improve traffic safety in the Russian Federation. The discussion, held on the second day of the event’s business program, involved Deputy Head of the Federal Road Agency Dmitry Pronchatov, Head of Headquarters on Road Safety of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation Mikhail Chernikov, Head of Traffic Safety and Power Supply Department of Avtodor Viktor Levandovskiy, representatives of relevant agencies of various regions, regional State Traffic Inspectorate offices and research and scientific organizations, as well as the AIR Magistral company General Director Kirill Sanaev.

Participants of the discussion paid special attention to innovations. Thus, the State Traffic Inspectorate Head Mikhail Chernikov said that it would be hard to complete the task in hand without ambitious and innovative solutions and a comprehensive approach. At present, a dedicated subdivision inside the administration is being formed to interact with government agencies to work out requisite measures.

The AIR Magistral executive elaborated on this topic. Kirill Sanaev’s presentation was on successful implementation of innovative solutions. Besides a circumstantial account of the latest company’s developments – including COMPO-LINE quick-mounting directive devices made of composite materials, new DARA marking, repeater traffic lights, and light reflecting road reflectors – Kirill Sanaev spoke in detail on traffic safety management at road repair sites.

“First of all, it’s about traffic optimization, informing road users in advance and redirecting traffic flows in advance, i.e. prior to the road work site”, said the AIR Magistral General Director. “This approach is unique in that the comprehensive approach allows decreasing the traffic accident rate at road repair sites”.

Traffic safety is one of the top priorities of the Federal road agencies professionals. As a result of a number of measures taken in that direction during the first 9 months of this year, the number of traffic accidents on Federal roads within Rosavtodor jurisdiction has decreased by 5.8%, while the number of fatalities and injuries – by 3% and 5.1% respectively, compared with the same period last year.