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2 July 2018


AIR Magistral Managing Director Aleksander Shabanov spoke on Moscow FM radio station as an expert in road safety. Together with host Aleksander Shoumskiy, they took phone calls, answered questions, and solved problems of Muscovites. A major part of the program was devoted to such innovations as technical monitoring systems, new road signs, lighting of zebra crossings, and even the quantity of bike lanes. A special emphasis was put on the company’s signature zebra crossing lighting systems.

“When we first tested these systems in St. Petersburg, the number of traffic accidents fell down to zero”, recounts Aleksander Shabanov. “Installation of common traffic lights is a complicated task: you need to have your project approved, connect to networks, install communication lines, etc. So, outside of the capital cities, it might take years from applying to the actual installation. And, of course, the price factor: a common traffic lights unit costs about 2-3 million Rubles, whereas zebra crossing lighting systems only cost 50-100 thousand Rubles, and they may be up and running on the following day after filing an application”.

Mr. Shabanov also spoke about repeater traffic lights, installed on console posts. This is yet another popular innovation, frequently seen on the capital’s streets. The host said that this idea is more suited to be used on highways, rather than cities. Our expert supported this proposition, saying that ‘innovations should be applied wisely’.

They also discussed traffic signs with internal lighting, which have already proven themselves and are now used throughout Moscow. The host inquired, whether there were too many traffic signs on roads. The expert. Mr. Shabanov, advised to listen to the community and collect statistical data on certain road segments to sort thing out with the quantity of signs.

The listeners who were able to get through on the phone or wrote text messages, mainly complained about parking space, absence of zebra crossings, road marking, incorrect traffic management at busy road segments or incorrect operation of photo speed cameras. All these problems were known to our expert: e.g., Aleksander Shabanov personally knew about ineffective mobile apps for parking payment.

Pedestrian safety deserved special attention: the host was justly mystified as to absence of traffic lights on six-lane roads and perplexed with pedestrian crossing management in general. Temporary barriers may be a key to restricting pedestrian access to hazardous zones, as Aleksander Shabanov suggested. Mr. Shoumskiy was wondering why, since they can be easily damaged and are rather highly priced. In response our expert advised to take a closer look at new reasonably priced polymeric COMPO-LINE devices.