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4 June 2018

“AIR Highway” told “World Road” about innovation

Company “AIR Highway” in the person of the head of department on public relations Alena Elina told the magazine “World Road” on the successful experience of the application of innovative technical solutions in the field of road safety in Russia.

The article is about the company’s products have already proven themselves in the market – this road reflectors CD-5 “COMP-CABLE” and CD-6 “360”, and a standard pulse indicator “COMP-SIGNAL”, and also display variable information “Your speed ” and many others.

Separately, talks about the unique complex “AIR Highway” approach helps to build the most favorable in terms of safety chain organization places of roadworks. Already this year, repair work on the Russian roads will be conducted under the new rules – a special guest for the first time developed Rosavtodor on behalf of the President. The document will take into account the successful experience of “AIR Highway” in the organization of places of production of repair work on the roads. To date, ODM 218.6.019-2016 “Guidelines for the organization of movement and fencing places roadworks production” recommends, but does not oblige contractors to equip the place of production of repair work in a certain way.

“Dear World” magazine – the federal specialized publication for professionals working in the sector of transport and road construction. It is the official media partner of the Coordinating Council of the Federal Road Agency, part of the Public Council of the Federal Road Agency.

The editorial staff is working with Glavgosexpertiza, RosdorNII, MADI GTU and other design and research organizations. The magazine is published with the support of associations and RADOR ASPOR.