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"AIR Magistral" specializes in implementing technological innovations. The company began its operations in June, 2009. Our main field is to develop and adapt alternative engineering solutions to satisfy the needs of road construction and road traffic safety.

We focus on replacing outdated technologies with modern highly efficient, accessible and profitable ones.

Best regards, Kiril S., AIR Magistral chief executive officer.


The priority tasks of our company are as follows:

Development and implementation of modern traffic safety systems for installation, repair and improvement of our country’s road infrastructure.

Search for innovative solutions of the most urgent problems in the traffic and road building field to raise the standards of the road infrastructure construction and maintenance.

Promotion of the traffic safety basics and elaboration of efficient strategies to create prevention measures reducing the number of the road traffic accidents.

In our search for alternative engineering solutions we hold to four main principles:

Safety. As a manufacturer we have to offer only high-quality and high-performance solutions with advanced technical characteristics that meet all the latest standards. It is also our duty to strictly monitor all production stages. Implementing new things requires trust which is impossible without quality. You can be sure of high quality of our products.

Economy. New solutions should be economically profitable. Due to tup-to-date production technology and usage of composite materials we manage to reduce cost price by about 30% at average. The customer should have better product at lower price.

Serviceability. Our products are serviceable at all production stages : delivery, mounting and operation. Latest production technologies along with the usage of innovative materials guarantee high operational characteristics of our products.

Normative documents. All of our products have passed the tests in the main laboratories of the industry and were approved by the biggest operating organizations. They have all the necessary certificates and normative documents.